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Hi, I’m Georgie, and I’m the author of this blog. I’ve started this blog on the biggest whim, and like most people who have ADHD, I have no clue whether I’ll be following this through or not. I could enjoy it for a week and drop it, or keep it going for years. I guess we will see!

I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age 20 towards the end of my second year of university. I’ve always known that there was something ‘off’ about me, but could never put my finger on it. I did well in Primary School, especially in maths, but when I moved to High School I found I was being told I could do ‘so much better’ if I ‘just put my head down and did my home work’. Note: I did not put my head down, nor did I do my homework.

Like so many other females with ADHD, those around me never noticed the signs of a young, intelligent, girl struggling to keep up with what was set of her. I never noticed it either, I thought it was laziness, or that I just wasn’t good enough. I want to change that.

The aim of my blog is to help those who are either seeking or already have been diagnosed with ADHD, especially women with ADHD, as men are three times more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than females. Females are much more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD in later life as well, as we are often more likely to have Inattentive ADHD, meaning that teachers, parents, and guardians are less likely to catch these symptoms as they’re less obvious than hyperactive symptoms. 

I will be posting resources that can be downloaded, such as timetables, routines, checklists, and how to go about getting a diagnosis. I’m more than happy to receive feedback, topics you’d like me to discuss, or just a general chat. Head over to my contact page to send me a message!

Keep doing what you’re doing, because you’re doing it great!

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