Hi, I’m Georgie, and I’m the author of this blog. I was diagnosed with Predominantly-Inattentive ADHD (PI-ADHD) in May of 2019, two months before my 21st birthday.

Like many people with ADHD, I struggle with routines, time planning, procrastination, and just the minefield that is the ADHD brain. I’ve created this blog to share resources for those who struggle with ADHD, and need to hear what other people deal with in their daily lives. I will not sugarcoat my struggles, and will try to be brutally honest when talking about myself, as that’s what I feel I need, and as an audience, you need to know the truth too. ADHD can be a battle and a half, so working through it with others will help in my journey, and hopefully yours too.

If there’s anything that you would like me to discuss on the blog, or have any feedback, let me know through my contact page.